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 Elect James Steele as Commonwealth's  Attorney to make Roanoke County safer.

We deserve a safe community, but the opioid epidemic threatens our families and neighbors.

The old response to drugs and crime is backfiring, leading to greater addiction, more crime, and tremendous waste of our tax dollars.

As a parent, lawyer, and successful small businesses owner, I am deeply invested in this community, and I know that we can't keep doing the same things and expect a better outcome.

As Roanoke County Commonwealth's Attorney:

  • I will work tirelessly to prosecute crime effectively.

  • I will bring together community resources to provide access to proven drug treatment methods so that we can help those who are struggling to overcome drug addiction.

  • I will aggressively prosecute the drug suppliers and dealers who profit by destroying the lives of our families and neighbors.

  • I will stop the needless waste of taxpayer money on rising prison rates in this time of falling crime rates.

If we don't elect a prosecutor who is willing to make changes, more money will be wasted on ineffective solutions and more lives will be destroyed by drugs.

You can make Roanoke County safer and more fiscally responsible.

Elect James Steele as Roanoke County Commonwealth's Attorney.