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Why I'm running.

In my work as a criminal defense attorney, and in my wife Katie's work as an emergency room doctor, we have seen the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic in our community. And we also see the life-saving changes that result from proper drug treatment and rehabilitation.


This election is a unique opportunity to make Roanoke a safer and better place, and I don't want to miss it. Nationwide, people from all political backgrounds are realizing the importance of treating drug addiction instead of wasting taxpayer money on ineffective prison sentences. Locally, our community has become painfully aware of the destruction caused by opioid abuse.


We know that drugs are destroying lives here in Roanoke, and that drugs are involved in 80% of crime. We know we can do a better job treating drug addiction. Roanoke County needs a Commonwealth's Attorney who is willing to make a change, instead of continuing the same failed policies that have been in place since the opioid epidemic began.

We all want to live in a safe community. You can vote to make that happen.

James graduated from law school from Wake Forest in 2007. He's licensed in Virginia, North Carolina, and New York.

In 2011 James opened The Law Office of James Steele PLLC in a one-room office near Brambleton Ave. What started as a solo practice (with no staff) has grown to a four attorney firm with four full-time staff and offices in Roanoke and Petersburg.

The law office is a general practice which handles primarily criminal, traffic, estate-planning, and landlord tenant matters. In the last 7 years the office has handled over 4,500 criminal and traffic cases.

James is involved in the Salem-Roanoke County Bar Association, where he currently serves as Secretary-Treasurer, and an active member of his church, St. John Lutheran, where he serves on the Council.

I want a safer Roanoke County for my family.