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Improving Traffic Court

Traffic cases aren’t a big issue for most people, and it's not that exciting of a topic. However, traffic cases represent just under 80% of all cases in Roanoke County General District Court (16,138 cases in 2018). Fixing the ways we handle our traffic cases can result in big improvements to the court system overall.  And if you have ever gone to court to fight these cases or ask for a reduction, you've likely experienced the frustration of extremely long wait times for such simple cases.


These cases haven’t been a priority for the prosecutor’s office, but they should be. Traffic court is the primary interaction that most residents of Roanoke County will have with the court system, I think that we can do better. Most people who come to traffic court to ask the judge for leniency are given a reduction, and those reductions are remarkably similar from one person to the next. We can streamline this process to get our citizens, judges, attorneys, and police back to their lives as quickly as possible.