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Platform: Building on a Solid Foundation

I've practiced law in courts throughout North Carolina, New York, and Virginia, but I have never found a prosecutor's office that I admire more than the Roanoke County Commonwealth's Attorney's office. Over many cases, I've gained enormous respect for each attorney who works there; both for their dedication to the law, as well as for the compassion they demonstrate towards the victims and the defendants that they encounter every day.


Despite my great respect for the office, there are significant improvements that we need to make. As Roanoke County grows and faces new challenges, I want to bring new leadership to the CA's office to continue the tradition of excellence this community deserves. Here are the issues where I believe we can do better:

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

More consistent, early, and

 effective (MAT) treatment is needed to address the problem.


& Public Data

The CA has broad power to prosecute crime. We need to see how that power is exercised.


Traffic Court

80% of criminal cases in District Court are traffic cases. Let's make it faster and easier.

Automatic Discovery

Roanoke Co. has led Virginia in its open discovery policy. Let's lead on and make it automatic.

Reducing Incarceration

Our incarceration rate has increased sevenfold over the last 50 years, at a tremendous cost.

Retaining Experience

Our current acting CA and assistant CAs are the best; I want them all to stay if I win.